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Job Postings

We are currently accepting resumes for the following positions:
Baker, Baker's Assistant, and Counter/Salesperson.  


Level: Experienced

Description: The baker is primarily responsible for making and baking all cake and cupcake batters, cookies, treats, and pies.  Other duties include stacking cakes, taking orders, filling orders, icing cupcakes, making cake glaze, and packaging treats.  You may be asked to help decorating cakes.

When it comes to personality traits, we are looking for someone friendly, easy to work with, flexible, a quick learner, clean, professional, able to multi – task, and with ability to handle stressful and busy situations.  You will be required to sign a Non – Disclosure Agreement, as well as a non – compete clause.  Background check is required.  SafeServ Certification required.  25 – 30 hours/week.

Level: Intermediate


Description: The baker’s assistant is responsible for making cookie dough, preparing treats, icing cupcakes, bagging treats, bagging cookies, coloring icing, preparing icing bags, and measuring batter.  Duties include bagging items for purchase, slicing cake, and packing cake slices for the display counters.  Additional duties may include helping decorate cakes and cupcakes, refilling display cases, filling treat orders, answering the phone, and keeping track of inventory.  We will teach you how to ice cupcakes, along with other basic prep.

You will need to thrive in a fast paced environment, and be able to take direction and work independently.  Kitchen experience required. 20 – 25 hours/week. You will be required to sign a Non – Disclosure Agreement, as well as a non – compete clause. 


Description: The counter/sales person is the first interaction customers have with the Sweet GG’s brand, so this is a critical role!  You must be energetic, friendly, hospitable, able to conduct business efficiently, and have a good memory.  You must be neat in appearance, professional, and show good manners interacting with the public.  You will be required to sign a Non – Disclosure Agreement. 15 – 20 hours

In addition to running the cash register and packing orders for customers, you will refill the display cases, ice cupcakes as needed, package cookies and other assorted treats, and answer the phone.  You will let the Baker’s Assistant know when treats, cupcakes, and cake slices are getting low so that we do not miss potential sales with inventory being depleted.  If you happen to be in the kitchen and the front door bell rings, you are expected to immediately stop what you are doing and go to assist the customer with a smile.  We want all who enter to feel welcomed!

If you are interested in a position, email your resume to  Include the position title in the email subject line.


We are very team oriented, and everyone fills in to help each other when needed.  We like to play music and have fun, all while still being professional with each other and with the customers. 

You will be required to lift and move 25 lb. bags of flour and sugar, and to refill storage containers as needed.  We do a lot of spot cleaning throughout the day, and we all pitch in to do dishes and clean work areas. Your work space should be as clean when you leave as it was when you arrived.  The employee that works after you should not have to clean the work area before beginning their shift.  We all pitch in to fold boxes, add stickers to packaging, and keep the cooler stocked with drinks and weekly treats. 

These are physical positions with lots of standing almost the entire shift.  Shifts are generally 6 – 8 hours, and can begin as early as 5 am, and could end as late as 7pm.  We are open on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, and can be flexible with schedules, but do require that you are available leading up to major holidays (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day/Graduation, Thanksgiving, Christmas).  We are always closed on the actual holiday, except for Valentine’s Day.


In Five Points, we use street parking or a parking lot that is approximately one block away.  We may be able to negotiate adding your parking into your compensation.  We offer discounts on food (discount varies per shift) and free bottled water.  You will be responsible for assisting customers not only with in – store purchases, but also placing future orders over the phone and in person.  An in – depth knowledge of our menu is crucial – you will be expected to learn it. We will be there to help take orders until you are well – versed.  We have an open kitchen with portions in view of customers, so we like to keep everything tidy and neat.  Cleanliness is very important. Personal cell phones are not allowed in the kitchen per DHEC regulations.  Phones must be kept in the storage cubbies.  Phones can be used on breaks.  If there is an emergency, give the bakery phone number to your contact so they can easily get in touch with you.

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